Maysville Volunteer Fire & EMS History!

1949 Fire Truck on Main St

For over 50 Years, Maysville was without fire protection and in that half a century the town was never ravaged by serious fire. 1 or 2 small dwellings were lost and a store fire conquered with the aid of the New Bern Fire Department

In June of 1951, the Town Board of Maysville recognized the need for a fire protection but, was handicapped for funds. Contributions were solicited and the necessary money was raised. A John Bean High Pressure Fog Fire Fighter mounted on a Ford truck was purchased.

Two Citizens went to accept delivery in Lansing, Michigan and also went through the company fire school to learn to use the new truck.

When the truck arrived in Maysville, there was no place to keep it, and it was sitting out in the open. The situation continued thought the summer and fall until December. A number of people in the town thought the truck was a useless expenditure and cooperation in building a suitable house was meager. The People of a colored town came to the rescue and volunteered labor as their contribution.

Up to this time, only five men knew anything about the operation of the truck.

Such was the case until April 11, 1952. On that day a gasoline tanker collided with an automobile in the very center of town. The tanker rolled over into a two story frame building, spilling 4000 gallons of gasoline everywhere. The wreck ignited the gas and in a matter of a few seconds the center of town was a roaring inferno.

By the time the fire truck got there, two other buildings were on fire. Through the efforts of the few men who had trained on the truck and the help of hundreds of others in supplying the truck with water, (Maysville had no city water system at the time) by the time four other fire companies (from Jacksonville, New Bern, Kinston and Washington) arrived, the Maysville truck had the fire confined and the town out of danger. A general fire alarm had been turned in and, at the onset, the situation was considered so serious that a Red Cross Field Disaster Unit was sent to Maysville since no one expected much left of the town and thought most of it’s citizens would be left homeless.

This tragedy resulted in one life lost and several thousand dollars in property damage. There is no telling how high the toll might have been were it not for the new truck and the men who manned it.

Maysville woke up. The Finer Carolina Program had already adopted the fire departments as a project, and this time things started rolling. The bare tuck was outfitted with helmets, coats, gas masks, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and spot lights.

The Fire house and town hall were completed and the truck was given a modern home. A volunteer fire company was formed consisting of 26 members who held regular drills and meetings. Two men were sent to fire school in Charlotte, NC and the rest were trained in house. The volunteer fire company is know as the Fireman’s Association. The members paid dues, and Association has sponsored carnivals, and bazaars in the past. From the time this was written there have been many improvements and there are more to come.

In the early 80′s a Code Siren with control box was added for better warning, and alert of firefighters and EMS.

In the late 80′s a Monitor Paging system, response time was increased & to server a larger area.

In the 90′s the advent of a new station and newer equipment made faster response.

Every year the Maysville Christmas Parade is put on by the EMS and has become a part of the area. This event marks the coming of the Christmas season and happens the 1st Sat. of December.

In 2006 we started to use a Repeater to make the radio service better in all area’s of the county. We added a weather station and new turn-out gear. A cascade system was added in 2007 and Air packs.

In 2007 we have received grants that made it possible to add a cascade system to the station, and the addition of a thermal camera.

In 2008 we received a truck from Alantic, NC we replaced the Green truck 303 with a newer and in better shape truck, the truck number is still 303. We also updated extrication equipment and vehicular stabilization rescue-jacks. We have upgraded much of the equipment on out trucks and changed light bars, and radios for better service.

We are working on new trucks and equipment and always accept donations to help
in the quest to make the department move into the future. Contact the Chief on the contact page for more information.

From Left to Right: 303 2nd Pumper, 307 Crash Truck, 306 Tanker, and 304 Pumper

All the Trucks in the above Picture have been replaced.
2008 We have replaced 303 with a GMC pumper from Alantic VFD

2010 we replaced Brush/Utility Truck 309 with a newer uint that was purchached from another department. Wilson Mills Fire Dept. This unit will be both EMS and Fire unit.

February 7th 2011 the member voted to combine the two department into one. This will now be know as Maysville Fire and EMS.


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