Frequently Asked Questions

May I burn paper, trash, limbs, leaves, wood or other general refuse, build a bonfire or camp fire within the City of Maysville?

Answer: You may only burn what grows on your land, Burn permits are avaible at the station. No burning of trash or other items not naturaly grown on your land. There is NO burn ban in the city limits at this time.

Who do I report Fire Code violations to?

Answer: Jones County Fire Marshals Office at (252)448-7091

Who do I report Fire Lane Parking violations to?

Answer: Maysville Police Department (910) 743-3104 within the City of Maysville, or County Sheriff’s Office for the location of the violation. Jones Sheriff’s Office (252) 448-7091 Do not dial 911 for this, it’s not a emergancy. If you park in a fire lane we will move your car for you! If we have your car towed we will use: Byrds Towing 910-743-2112

What do I do if I see an emergency vehicle approaching from the front or rear of my vehicle?

Answer: Slow down, move as far to the right as possible, stop and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle(s) has passed. Be alert to the possibility there may be more than one emergency vehicle approaching. Do not suddenly slam on your brakes or stop directly in front of the emergency vehicle. NC Move Over law applies.

How do I obtain a copy of an incident report?

Answer: Call the station or contact the Chief Via E-mail at Or write to the address on the first page.

How can we contact the Fire Department without calling 911?

Answer: Yes please contact the station on the non-Emergancy number at
Fire & EMS at 910-743-2709.

What do I need to do if I want to volunteer?

Answer: See Join Maysville Fire & EMS page! Join today and make a diffrence

Why do I see fire trucks coming down the street with lights and sirens on and suddenly they shut their lights and sirens off?

Answer: In most cases what this means is that after the fireman were notified of an emergency and they began to respond to the call, they were either disregarded by another truck or an officer that arrived on the scene prior to that truck’s arrival or it could be that the person who called in the emergency called back and said there was no longer an emergency. We do not turn our lights and sirens on for no reason. Sometimes you will see us parked with our lights on but no sirens, this is so we can be seen and protect our personnel, etc. but if you hear our sirens that means we are responding to an emergency call of some type.

Are they just trying to get through the traffic?

Answer: No! We must have a reason for this traffic condition created by Light and Sirens. public Safety is drivers number one responablity.

How do the volunteers get notified of a fire?

Answer: Each volunteer in our department is issued a voice pager. This device is portable and alerts the individual to an emergency by beeping when their station is requested to respond to an emergency. After their pager beeps our dispatch center’s dispatcher tells us what type of call we are responding to and the location.

Does the department offer any type of training to its residents or business owners?

Answer: Yes, We offer CPR classes, We also do business pre-plans, this is a plan of action in case of emergancy. Please contact the Chief for more information.

Are the stations open for tours?

Answer: Yes, this can be setup please contact the Chief M. Jordan 910-743-2709

How often should I change my smoke detector battery?

Answer: Biannually is the recommended interval. A good trick to help you remember is to change them with the time changes in the fall or spring. However, you should test each detector at least weekly and if not working, change the battery immediately. Change the Detector every 5 years.

How do I clean my smoke detector?

Answer: By Maufactures cleaning instructions.

My cat ran up the tree and won’t come down. Will the fire department come help?

Answer: Animal rescues from trees, roofs, drainage pipes, fences, etc. The Maysville  Fire & EMS will respond and evaluate each situation to determine if the equipment necessary is available and if it is feasible to attempt the rescue without undo risk to the safety of the firefighters. Each situation will stand on its own merits. No guarantee of initiating an animal rescue attempt is implied nor the success of such an attempt. Most cats will come out of the tree on there own. You need to leave the area and watch from a distance.

Dose the fire department refill / recharge fire extinguishers?

Answer: No We don’t have the training. Please consolt a Certified company.

Does the fire department come out to birthday parties?

Answer: No, the growth of the city and the corresponding increase in calls for the fire department keeps us busy.

How is the fire department funded?

Answer: The Maysville Fire & EMS is funded by; Grants, Your Donations, City of Maysville, and Jones County. EMS is funded by; Grants, Your Donations, City of Maysville, County of Jones, and Fees recieved from transports. Both are also funded by many events held by the department. Please show your support.

How long do smoke detectors last?

Answer: The entire detector should be replaced after 10 years. Newer units have a recommended replacement date printed on the unit.

**These are general FAQ, If you still need help just ask. We are here to serve the Citizens of our response district. This is just a general guide line. Take the time to send us a e-mail. We look forward to improving our service to our community. Thank You and be safe, we are here to help you and will go out of our way to help. Thank you!