The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Unit is headed by a Medical Director and is responsible for administering a two-tiered system of pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport, which includes Advanced Life Support (ALS) Units, known as Jones EMS and after hours 8505, Basic Life Support (BLS) Units made up of EMT-P, EMT-I, EMT-B and MR, and First Responder. Also supported by JAS ambulance service from 7 am to 7 pm with a ALS.

These units are aided by East Care Air, (Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, NC)
and Pedro, Craven Paramedics Units, Carteret County EMS Units, Lenior County EMS, and Onslow County EMS.

EMS Unit assists in formulating plans for Emergency Medicine physicians to respond to the scene of multi-casualty incidents to assist with patient triage, treatment, and disposition.

EMT’s are set in levels. These levels help identify the level of training. The first level is MR or Medical Responder. This level is a basic first responder and trained how to operate and use most equipment on the units. The unit must have a EMT with the MR the MR can not server alone. EMT-B is a basic EMT, and is the starting base to all the rest of the EMT feilds. EMT-I is intermediate and is the second level in the training progression. This level can do more than a basic. The the top level of the EMT system is the Paramedic. A Paramedic has a lot of training and may take many years to get to the Paramedic level.

There is always and is a Current NEED for personnel on EMS. We will provide the training. All levels are welcome, and are needed at this time. Volunteer today and make a difference.