Fire Tax Infomation

Maysville Fire & EMS Fire
2013 Tax Proposal

             Problem: Shortage of day time coverage & response time.

What is the solution?  Public Safety Officer.
The public safety officer would be a firefighter, EMT & Community
Police Officer.

 Why do we need a Public Safety Officer? 

  1. Life saving resources will be available at the time of emergencies.
  2. Decreases response times for all calls related to Medical, Police, & Fire incidents.
  3. Daytime calls will be quickly responded to by the Public Safety Officer.
  4. Community policing at Maysville Elementary and throughout the Fire District.
  5. Retained or lowered insurance ratings to help keep insurance costs from increasing.

How do we fund this with fire tax?

Should produce roughly $10,510.24 in revenue/year
Average of $16.68 per tax payer/year

Should produce roughly $8,917.46 in revenue/year
      Average of $17.49 per tax payer/year

At 3 cents per $100, the tax would generate roughly $19,500.

Maysville General Fund will contribute $19,500.

For a total of: 39,000 that would be broken down to this accordingly:

Salary $36,000 per year, this will include full medical & retirement

$3000.00 for turnout gear, radio, pager, maintenance and equipment.

As a final note: The average tax payer would only pay about $16 per year for around the clock fire, EMS and police protection. This would be a balance that would be achievable.

If you contact Chief Mike Jordan at we have a spread sheet of every parcel of property and tax that you would be providing for protection. This is where we get our average and totals from the Jones county tax office.  Most people think of a Fire Tax as just another tax. But this is a tax that can ONLY be used to protect the citizens.  It cannot be used to for any other purpose. It must be accounted for and budgeted appropriately.

We are looking for your opinion on this proposed fire tax. You can make a difference and move this growing area into the future while protecting your family and property.  Please feel free to Email us at or Call 910-743-2709 or stop by the Maysville fire & EMS station at 404 Main St, Maysville, NC.  

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.