Benefits of Joining

A Second Family & Lifelong Friendships

At the Maysville Fire & EMS, you’ll find a second family waiting for you. On duty and off, the members of the department share a common bond to serve their community. Lifelong friendships have been formed in our organization for the last century … if you’re looking to serve in an organization where you feel rewarded in more ways than one, the Maysville Fire & EMS offers this and so much more.

Quality Training

You provide the commitment and we provide all of the training for FREE. From in-house, local and county training, to state certified courses, and regional and national seminars and conferences – we offer you the opportunity to explore every avenue of emergency services and train you to be the best at what you do.

Flexible Memberships

As firm believers in the concept that volunteers should be “good at a few things instead of poor at a lot,” – we offer the most flexible membership opportunities available. You can join Maysville Fire & EMS to just perform a specialized function or you can get involved in all of the volunteering opportunities we have to offer. Our members come from our community and throughout the region thanks to our robust offering of response services and family & friends atmosphere.

Duty Uniforms, & Apparel

Look professional and show your Maysville pride in your navy blue station uniform personalized with your name and rank. Uniforms and normal duty wear are provided after a minimum length of service. Other apparel is offered under a reduced or shared cost program.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We protect our firefighters with the latest technology in bunker coat, pants, leather boots, gloves, Nomex hood and helmet. You may also purchase a traditional leather helmet complete with a leather front proudly identifying your name, rank and department identification number.

Cool Web Site

Our site: was one of the first fire department Web sites online in our county. We also maintain a active Facebook page and active twitter feed. These items are used to provide information and educational information to the public as well as keep membership engaged in daily activities, and events.

Peace of Mind

We recognize that firefighting and providing emergency services is an inherently dangerous business. That’s why we take extra measures to protect our volunteers. Comprehensive insurance programs paid for by the fire company and offered through the county, state and Federal government provide financial security to you and your family should you be injured or fatally wounded in the line of duty. There are even free programs and services in place to ensure that your claim is handled properly and that you receive the benefits you deserve. We care about your health, safety and well being.. And, in times of need, programs are available to provide critical incident stress debriefings and counseling to help our volunteers deal with the emotional impact of the tragedies we’re unfortunately exposed to in our line of work. This service is provided free-of-charge by Jones County.