Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) staffed by a EMT. It has significantly improved quality of care for the residents in and around the community of Maysville.  A Transport truck from Jones County primarily responds with the QRV for calls. QRV throughout the county taking care of the crew needs, supplies, and first respond to calls.  This unit is stocked with all the items as a full ambulance, except dose not transport the patent.

EMS 1 is a BLS


EMS 1 is a BLS (Basic Life Support) unit. Must have 2 Volunteer EMT to respond. Used for daily runs, Standby at the motocross track, and other events. This unit is equip with the latest equipment and training.





Mutual aid to EMS:

Jones ALS 1
Craven Medic
Carteret Co. Station 12 Medic & QRV
Onslow Co. Medic & QRV
EastCare Helicopter
Pollocksville  EMS ALS
Trenton EMS BLS

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